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Hooray another Royal baby!!!

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Congrats to Will and Kate on their fantastic news!!! Little George is going to have a play friend to run around with, who will be behind him as 4th in line to the throne. I would love to have my kids not too far apart in age… But is the duchess making a great decision or is it crazy?! I dunno!! Two kids under two??? Any of you had children this close together or expecting a second with LO just toddling? I’d love to hear experiences or advice on this topic! I guess if you have a supportive partner, parents or just generally people around to support you it’s a pretty doable task… Or am I kidding myself?!


Kate was rocking the maternity looks with her beautifully chic dresses, and she’s managed to ping her body back into shape pretty quickly! And now she’s doing it again?! How easy is it to get your body back second time round? I’ve heard it’s generally a lot harder than the first time round… But why?! Surely you’re body’s more elastic now and it’ll be easier to spring back?? What did you do to keep off the baby weight and get back in shape? I have to say I’m pretty pleased that I haven’t put on too much since having my baby girl, but my tummy is no where near what it used to look like… It feels and looks like a wrinkly little stretched out mess! I’m hoping the sit-ups and soon to cease breastfeeding will make a difference but we’ll see! Any tips and hints are more than welcome!


Any ideas on names for the next little prince or princess?? I’d love to hear them! This modern Royal couple and their growing family have certainly got us all talking and I for one am looking forward to following them on this next exciting journey.



I’m backkkk!!!!! :)

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Wow ok I’ve been totally MIA for a while!!! Things have been a little crazy, I’ve started to ease myself back into work on Sundays leaving LO with daddy… (I’ll post more info on this soon!) Then we had a few days with the in-laws and THEN ludoo got sick ūüė¶ I just thought it was a really bad cold which wouldn’t shift… She had a runny nose for 4/5days and was generally under the weather. On the 5th day she was falling asleep in her highchair as I fed her dinner, which was really weird as she’d just got up from a nap and she LOVES her food! She woke up at 6am the next morning with a temperature of 39.2 so it was then pretty obvious something wasn’t right! She’s never had a temperature that bad before so it was really heartbreaking seeing her so upset! A dose of calpol, breakfast and cuddles with me for a couple of hours brought it down to 37.5, and then I bundled her in the car and off to the Drs.

Apparently she had tonsillitis, which would explain why she was wolfing down all the cool smooth fruit pur√©es and not really enjoying the rest of her food! So we’ve been giving her antibiotics for the past 5 days… which are such a pain to administer! Anyone got any hints and tips for an easy method so it doesn’t all land up on my blouse?! But thank goodness she is now returning to her old bubbly self! She’s become really cute and cuddly the past week or so… I don’t know if it’s because she was unwell or just a little more of her character coming through… Either way I’m not complaining!!! Love my little girl to bits ūüôā

There’ll be plenty more posts coming up this week to make up for my absence so watch this space! ūüėõ

Happy Monday everyone! xxx


The world just got a little less funny…

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It’s so sad that today we lost one of the worlds most amazing comedians…¬†Robin Williams. He was an amazing character that must have touched¬†everyone’s hearts with at least one of his performances. From Mork to¬†Peter Pan, Mrs Doubtfire, the genie in Aladdin… the list goes on.¬†I grew up watching his shows and films, so to hear the news this¬†morning was truly heartbreaking. I had no idea he was battling¬†depression, but it goes to show what a cruel condition it can be.

Depression is unfortunately one of those unseen diseases that really can destroy a persons mind. Because it is unseen I don’t think society realises how debilitating it really can be. It’s just as bad as having a broken leg or arm, if not worse because no one can see how bad it is. And its difficult enough for the person experiencing it to understand what they’re going through, never mind trying to explain it to others. A friend of mine recently went through a lot of anxiety and upset due to this condition, but she was extremely brave and confronted it head on… She even posted on Facebook to explain her struggles during mental health awareness week and I was so proud of her. It takes great strength to admit to a condition like depression as it really isn’t very well understood. My job (apart from now being a mummy) is with the public, and I often meet depressed people who put on such a front in society that that in itself must be really stressful. I hope more can be done in the future to support those with mental health challenges or at least empower them with the knowledge of how to get help and not suffer alone.¬†

Jason Manford’s tribute to Robin Williams put it better than I could ever write…

Touching tribute by Jason Manford
Touching tribute by Jason Manford

I found this story about Robin Williams so touching;¬†Robin&Christopher Reeves.¬†The way he used his comical skills to try and lift others when he was suffering himself is truly selfless. He was a¬†great man, RIP Mr Williams… Nanu Nanu. xxx

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