Hooray another Royal baby!!!

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Congrats to Will and Kate on their fantastic news!!! Little George is going to have a play friend to run around with, who will be behind him as 4th in line to the throne. I would love to have my kids not too far apart in age… But is the duchess making a great decision or is it crazy?! I dunno!! Two kids under two??? Any of you had children this close together or expecting a second with LO just toddling? I’d love to hear experiences or advice on this topic! I guess if you have a supportive partner, parents or just generally people around to support you it’s a pretty doable task… Or am I kidding myself?!


Kate was rocking the maternity looks with her beautifully chic dresses, and she’s managed to ping her body back into shape pretty quickly! And now she’s doing it again?! How easy is it to get your body back second time round? I’ve heard it’s generally a lot harder than the first time round… But why?! Surely you’re body’s more elastic now and it’ll be easier to spring back?? What did you do to keep off the baby weight and get back in shape? I have to say I’m pretty pleased that I haven’t put on too much since having my baby girl, but my tummy is no where near what it used to look like… It feels and looks like a wrinkly little stretched out mess! I’m hoping the sit-ups and soon to cease breastfeeding will make a difference but we’ll see! Any tips and hints are more than welcome!


Any ideas on names for the next little prince or princess?? I’d love to hear them! This modern Royal couple and their growing family have certainly got us all talking and I for one am looking forward to following them on this next exciting journey.