Our Weekend…

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Sorry this is a slightly later weekend post than usual, but our weekend was fab! 🙂
Me and the hubster will be married 5 years this week and so he surprised me with an afternoon in London and a meal at Sushi Samba, where I have been wanting to go since I was pregnant… But we held out so I could fully enjoy the experience… And I certainly did!!!
He was a clever cookie and got Granny and Granddad to babysit. They drove down from Worcester the night before… And I was 100% relaxed on our day out as I know the little munchkin is always happy spending time with her grandparents!
We started off visiting the Tower of London to see the ceramic poppies which looked amazing in pictures, but just breath taking in real life! It’s so hard to believe that many people lost their lives in the war… And how delicate each life is… It’s obviously touched a lot of people as we could see from the crowds that day. Amazed that there are still more poppies to be added.


The next stop was Sushi Samba (yayyy!) which is on the 38th floor of Heron Tower. They have a glass elevator to the top… Not to be attempted if you’re afraid of heights!! (But a friend of mine who is was able to use the service lift instead!!) The view of London is usually pretty spectacular… Unfortunately this was one of the foggiest days we’ve had all year!

Right, the important bit FOOD! It was sooo delicious! The pork belly had been recommended to me so that was the first thing we tucked into and it was heavenly! We could have ordered a second round but refrained! Next was the sea bass tempura… YUMMY! Teriyaki chicken Robos and then the Samba London sushi selection, again delic! And for dessert With Love from Rio… OMG only the best dessert ever!!! A coffee flavoured mousse with chocolate ganache and caramelised macadamian nuts, my idea of heaven!

The drinks were just as lush, I started off with a Kaffirinhia cocktail (fragrant Kaffir lime leaves infused in cachaça, churned with lime and sugar, served short over crushed ice) and we then shared a bottle of sparkling sake which was recommended by our sommelier. We were sceptical at the recommendation as it was more expensive than the wine we were planning to order… plus it was named “moon rabbit”! Not a drink I would immediately hop,skip or jump at having! But WOW it was worth it! The perfect compliment to our meal, I like my wine a little sweet so this was lovely!
And our babe was an angel for Granny and Granddad, they even took a little walk with the pram around our hometown and got her to have a full afternoon nap! I couldn’t have asked for more!!!
Love my family!!! Hope you’re all having a happy week so far!


Hooray another Royal baby!!!

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Congrats to Will and Kate on their fantastic news!!! Little George is going to have a play friend to run around with, who will be behind him as 4th in line to the throne. I would love to have my kids not too far apart in age… But is the duchess making a great decision or is it crazy?! I dunno!! Two kids under two??? Any of you had children this close together or expecting a second with LO just toddling? I’d love to hear experiences or advice on this topic! I guess if you have a supportive partner, parents or just generally people around to support you it’s a pretty doable task… Or am I kidding myself?!


Kate was rocking the maternity looks with her beautifully chic dresses, and she’s managed to ping her body back into shape pretty quickly! And now she’s doing it again?! How easy is it to get your body back second time round? I’ve heard it’s generally a lot harder than the first time round… But why?! Surely you’re body’s more elastic now and it’ll be easier to spring back?? What did you do to keep off the baby weight and get back in shape? I have to say I’m pretty pleased that I haven’t put on too much since having my baby girl, but my tummy is no where near what it used to look like… It feels and looks like a wrinkly little stretched out mess! I’m hoping the sit-ups and soon to cease breastfeeding will make a difference but we’ll see! Any tips and hints are more than welcome!


Any ideas on names for the next little prince or princess?? I’d love to hear them! This modern Royal couple and their growing family have certainly got us all talking and I for one am looking forward to following them on this next exciting journey.