Its off to work I go!

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After almost a year of being mummy I’m about to step into the working world again which means my baby girl will be going to nursery! Thanks to my dear husband I am able to go back part time and little ludoo will be at nursery just 2 full days a week… But that’s enough to make me nervey! I’ll be working every Sunday too unfortunately, but at least that means one less day of childcare and baby girl will have a day with daddy!

So the nursery we chose is around the corner from our home and en route to work for me. They can give her breakfast, lunch and an early dinner which means on working days I wouldn’t need to worry about her food… Provided she eats everything they give her! Nursery do dinner at 3.30pm?! Am I naive in thinking that’s extremely early? I’d guess she’ll need a snack when we get home before her bedtime milk.

Anyway, we’ve had numerous settling in sessions and every time I leave… She cries! Every time I return, she also cries! But only once she sees me back in the room, she’s a little rascal. I think she does it to make me feel bad for leaving her! Eeyore seems to be a favourite at the moment, he makes everything better! I tend to leave him in her nursery backpack and the teachers say whenever she’s upset they give her Eeyore and she calms down. He’s a pretty cute little cuddly, I think she enjoys tugging on his ears!

Due to the tears (from the babe AND me!) I’ve had her start nursery a few weeks before I return to work, that way she’s fully settled and I’m not pulling my hair out at work fretting about whether she’s doing ok. (I’ll probably do that anyhow!) So far I’ve tried not to call more than once a day to check on her. The nursery have a communication book between home and nursery so we can read what she’s been up to on her days there and how she’s eaten etc. It does put my mind at ease reading it after picking her up, especially when it describes the cute things she been up to! This one after her first day made me smile 🙂


I know I’m not to first or last working mummy, and let’s face it, in today’s day and age very few families would be lucky enough to survive on just one salary… Those bills won’t pay themselves! At least that’s the case in our household. On the flip side, childcare is like taking out a second mortgage in itself! I knew the first year of childcare would be a lot, but wow! It really makes you realise the advantage of living close to family who can help.

I don’t know how the role of working mummy is going to be for me… So far it feels like juggling a whole load of balls! But I think the art of keeping all those balls in the air is being super organised!

I used to hate my husband for wanting to plan out all our meals for the week… But I’ve finally seen the error of my ways! Planning in advance means less trips to the supermarket, and knowing what I’m doing when I get home from work, rather than rummaging through the fridge to see what I can find. Allocating a day of the week to do the laundry and shopping online wherever possible are a couple of other changes! And cooking in bulk! If I’m cooking a chilli or curry I try and make double what I need and freeze a portion for the following week.

If there are any mummies out there with helpful hints on how to manage work and home life successfully please share!!! I’m sure I’ve got a steep learning curve ahead of me and many mistakes will be made… GULP!!!


Our Weekend…

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Sorry this is a slightly later weekend post than usual, but our weekend was fab! 🙂
Me and the hubster will be married 5 years this week and so he surprised me with an afternoon in London and a meal at Sushi Samba, where I have been wanting to go since I was pregnant… But we held out so I could fully enjoy the experience… And I certainly did!!!
He was a clever cookie and got Granny and Granddad to babysit. They drove down from Worcester the night before… And I was 100% relaxed on our day out as I know the little munchkin is always happy spending time with her grandparents!
We started off visiting the Tower of London to see the ceramic poppies which looked amazing in pictures, but just breath taking in real life! It’s so hard to believe that many people lost their lives in the war… And how delicate each life is… It’s obviously touched a lot of people as we could see from the crowds that day. Amazed that there are still more poppies to be added.


The next stop was Sushi Samba (yayyy!) which is on the 38th floor of Heron Tower. They have a glass elevator to the top… Not to be attempted if you’re afraid of heights!! (But a friend of mine who is was able to use the service lift instead!!) The view of London is usually pretty spectacular… Unfortunately this was one of the foggiest days we’ve had all year!

Right, the important bit FOOD! It was sooo delicious! The pork belly had been recommended to me so that was the first thing we tucked into and it was heavenly! We could have ordered a second round but refrained! Next was the sea bass tempura… YUMMY! Teriyaki chicken Robos and then the Samba London sushi selection, again delic! And for dessert With Love from Rio… OMG only the best dessert ever!!! A coffee flavoured mousse with chocolate ganache and caramelised macadamian nuts, my idea of heaven!

The drinks were just as lush, I started off with a Kaffirinhia cocktail (fragrant Kaffir lime leaves infused in cachaça, churned with lime and sugar, served short over crushed ice) and we then shared a bottle of sparkling sake which was recommended by our sommelier. We were sceptical at the recommendation as it was more expensive than the wine we were planning to order… plus it was named “moon rabbit”! Not a drink I would immediately hop,skip or jump at having! But WOW it was worth it! The perfect compliment to our meal, I like my wine a little sweet so this was lovely!
And our babe was an angel for Granny and Granddad, they even took a little walk with the pram around our hometown and got her to have a full afternoon nap! I couldn’t have asked for more!!!
Love my family!!! Hope you’re all having a happy week so far!

Our Weekend

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Our weekend started early this week with a visit from my brother in law and his family. They have two young girls aged 6months and 6years old (6YO). I was initially worried about how we’d cope with three little ones in the house but it was great fun! Ludoo was so happy to have two little friends, I could really see her character coming out as she spent time with them. Cheeky smiles and silly giggles, she was in her element!

Ludoo with her big cousin watching a bit of Tracey Beaker!
Ludoo with her big cousin watching a bit of Tracey Beaker!

We also took the girls swimming which they really enjoyed! We spent an hour in the warm baby pool with 6YO dancing and splashing around, trying to race us across the pool whilst we held the babies in the water. I’ve been taking Ludoo swimming for about 6 months now and I’m so glad I started her early, she absolutely loves the water and can’t get enough of it! Bath time is probably her favourite thing, also because she gets some daddy time!

A trip to the park was another adventure for the little ones, as well as making nachos with my older niece. Sprinkling cheese and layering the tortilla chips made her feel very grown up in the kitchen, a good way to keep her entertained!

We thought we’d do something a little more special with a trip to London as 6YO hasn’t been much before and travelling on “the tube” was a real novelty! We went to Buckingham palace, M&M world, saw the big screens at Piccadilly Circus and the favourite… HAMLEYS! We were in Hamleys for a good hour or so as there was plenty to see, from people doing magic tricks to driving cars on the ceilings! I bought each of the girls a Hamleys teddy bear to remember the trip and 6YO a personalised necklace, which she was very happy with!

A memorable trip to Hamleys!
A memorable trip to Hamleys!

So all in all I think the Reli’s had a fun filled trip, not quite the late nights out and stumbling home that we use to do without the kids, but definitely great seeing all our girls playing together and forming wonderful relationships as cousins which will be so valuable in years to come.
Hope you all had great weekends and a very happy Monday! xxx






Our Weekend

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This weekend has been super duper busy with wedding season in full swing. I love a good wedding as it’s an excuse to get all dolled up with the family! My baby girl was gifted so many beautiful dresses it’s great having the chance to put her in them… She looks adorable in every single one! (But I would say that right?!) There’s one in particular I can’t wait to dress her in… A gorgeous off white and blue Indian anarkali outfit, I measure her against it every time we have an Indian wedding to go to!

Beautiful anarkali purchased by a dear friend on her travels in India
Beautiful anarkali purchased by a dear friend on her travels in India

She’s almost ready for it, but I decided it’d be safer to choose a lightweight floral dress with the weather being so humid right now. It’s a gorgeous one from monsoon and very wearable! I even found the shoes to match 🙂

Baby girl's summery floral monsoon number!
Baby girl’s summery floral monsoon number!  

For me, I had a coral lace shift dress which disguises all my recent wobbly mummy bits! Teamed up with a statement necklace and nude high heels I felt great! It was a beautiful wedding and very lucky to be on the Saturday as there were thunderstorms on the days either side of it. It was in an oldy worldy mansion house with renaissance art all over the ceilings and walls. A beautiful venue for a beautiful couple!

My coral lace shift dress with nude accessories and a statement necklace
My coral lace shift dress with nude accessories and a statement necklace

Today we had an extremely lazy Sunday, which is just what you want when there’s crazy heavy rain all day. It’s also Raksha Bandan today which is a type of “brothers day”, it signifies the relationship between a brother and sister. The sister promises to love and pray for her brothers’ well-being and he promises to protect her throughout life. I’m so happy and proud that my sister ties a Rakhi for my husband, and it’s not just out of tradition, they truly have a special bond, I know my husband will always look out for her as any older brother would. Traditionally you feed each other something sweet (you’ll come to realise this is an ongoing theme with Indian custom… feeding each other lots and lots of sweets… not that I’m complaining! I have a terrible sweet tooth!) and the brother gives his sister a small gift. 

A rakhi tied by my sister on my husbands hairy wrist :)
A rakhi tied by my sister on my husbands hairy wrist 🙂
This is the charm my hubby chose to gift my sister, I thought it had beautiful sentiment and meaning. So grateful that they have a lovely relationship!
This is the charm my hubby chose to gift my sister, I thought it had beautiful sentiment and meaning. So grateful that they have a lovely relationship!

I hope you all had great weekends and a very happy Monday!

What’s this all about anyways???

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Some of you (probably all of you!) are wondering why I chose to name my blog “heysugardumpling!” Well, there’s two reasons really…

My baby girl was born at a very healthy 9lb 14oz (I am 5’1″ short and no baby in our family has ever been that big as far as I know!). So the doctors, family and friends all had dropped jaws when they saw this little chubster in my arms! We couldn’t pick a name to start with so we nicknamed her our little “ludoo”, which is a round Indian sweet made mainly of ghee, sugar and nuts… A bit like a sugar dumpling!!!

Secondly, my late mum used to sing me a song in the bath as a child, and it went…
“Hey Fatty Boom Boom, you sweet sugar dumpling. Just because you’re so big and fat, don’t believe im afraid of that!” 

It made me laugh, which is probably why she sang it! (Or because I was big and fat!) But I’ve since found out its a famous song from the 60s which refers to fat black women and “boom boom” refers to the sound of their jiggly bits when they walk! See here. Fabulous song choice from my mummy is all I’ve gotta say! I guess it was like the “Baby got back” of her time (That’s the song Ross and Rachel in Friends sang to their baby to make her laugh), and I’m guilty of the same… baby girl thoroughly enjoys shaking her booty to a bit of Jason DeRulo Wiggle! 🙂 So there you have it, my crazy logic to choosing the name heysugardumpling! for this blog… It makes me smile and chuckle inside everytime I say or read it… So guess that’s not a bad thing eh?!


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Just getting started…

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So this I my first ever blog entry! I’ve been wanting to start a blog since I had my baby girl in November 2013. It’s such a life changing experience having a child, this little being you create consumes your whole world and it’s a love like no other! Totally indescribable. But there’s no manual!!! I had no idea if I was feeding her right, holding her right, putting her to sleep right?! While I don’t anticipate creating a manual, I thought it would be fun and useful to document my experiences as a first time mummy in London!

Ok so baby girl is 9 months old already, so I will be writing some of my blogs in retrospect, but I’m hoping it’ll be insightful nonetheless! It takes 9 months to grow a baby and I think it’s taken 9 months for me to learn to be myself again and still enjoy the things I used to, as well as be a mum! Becoming a mummy has really made me value my own parents and all they did to raise us as well as they could. They were both first generation immigrants, my mum came over from Kenya and dad from India… And their story started here in London where they both met. My husband’s family are born and bred in and around Worcestershire for the last 3 generations at least! So our baby girl is half English and half Indian… And unlike maybe 30 years ago, children of this mixed race are much more common. It is socially more accepted to have a mixed race background (I believe!) and I hope we can raise her to understand and appreciate the best of both worlds!

So this blog is for my baby girl and my late mum. It’s sad that you’ll both never meet… But being without my mum has taught me to learn things FAST and also appreciate what a valuable role I have to play in my baby’s life. So here’s to being the best mummy I can be!!! And I hope you enjoy hearing about our adventure! 🙂